Monday, November 5, 2007

Internships – Not Just for Business Majors Anymore

Wondering what you’re going to do with that liberal arts degree after graduation? Well, you’re not alone. There is good news for students of the humanities: International Internships. Indeed, budding psychologists, international relations professionals, graphic designers, fashion merchandisers and many others are turning to international internships to give their résumé a boost and set themselves apart from their classmates when the ‘real world’ starts.

Foreign language majors are also finding great ways to utilize their budding language skills outside of the classroom during the course of an international internship. Speaking from first-hand experience, the linguistic and cultural immersion that an internship in a foreign language provides makes all those grammar and conversation lessons *click*. To say nothing of how it looks to potential employers, regardless of your prospective career area. So think about putting that foreign lit book down for a summer or semester and look into an internship abroad.

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